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Hifi equipment Philosophy

What is the most essential task of your Audio reproduction system?

- is it to reproduce the beauty of the melody itself,

- is it to reproduce the emotion that the instruments and tunes deliver, or

- is it to reproduce the sensation of sharing the atmosphere and presence of the musicians, or

is it all of the above and more.

Either way, one audio reproduction system rarely delivers fully in all aspects. But some systems come very close.

The fields of hifi equipment are difficult to navigate in. An endless list of hifi products receive outstanding ratings from and endless list of reviewers. So how do you choose between all the opportunities. Our answer to that is that you listen to the product at home and the make up your mind.

We buy and sell systems that we believe fulfill the essential tasks of an audio reproduction system. That is why we focus on Ansuz, Aavik, Linn and NewOnTech. We are open to other brands and DIY, but as our existing brands, the new ones must too earn their place in our shop.

If you have components that you believe can outperform any of the brands we trade, please let us know, so we can arrange a test in our studio.

If you are not sure that you can outperform any of our brands, please contact us so you can borrow products from us to make up your own mind.

As you probably understand by now - if you have read this far - we do not just sell hifi equipment. Our goal is more in terms of trading and providing hifi equipment.

We offer a full two-year-warranty on all the products that we sell.

We offer a 60-days regret period with full money back payment.

We offer a 5-year trade back guarantee on all products that you have bought from us. This is subject to an individual agreement per product.

(Please see term and conditions for a full explanation of the above (Under construction))

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